Pan India Star Prabhashe makers of Prabhas21 are splurging money like water. The latest on it suggests that Amitabh Bachchan too is getting a whopping remuneration. It is said to be around 25 Cr. It is higher than Deepika Padukone who is getting paid 20 Cr approximately. Prabhas, who is the lead, will be taking a massive 100 Cr which includes the dubbing versions rights amounting to 30 Cr.

The numbers said above are mind-boggling just on the paper itself. Imagine spending that much even before the official commencement of the shoot. It is phenomenal, and never before for a biggie. Consider this, Prabhas21 could be spending over 150 Cr on the main leads, and other casts itself. Now, what would be the cost of the actual production?

Vyjayanthi Movies is known for grandeur making and have been doing so for decades. Even for their ‘Mega’ standard, Prabhas21 is beyond imagination. It could be very well turn out to be the most expensive Indian film ever. Currently, 2.0 holds that position.

If that turns out to be the case, Prabhas21 has to be on par with Baahubali 2 to recover its costs alone. It will put massive pressure on two-film old director Nag Ashwin, for sure. One hopes he has the content. Sci-fi films in India have been unpredictable at the box office.

We don’t want to sound negative even before the movie has got on sets, and are merely expressing a view based on the reports coming out regarding the remuneration of the film. For all that we know, it could be a promotional gimmick, and the truth could be something else. Only the makers know it.

So far only Shankar has managed gigantic success with the genre Prabhas21 reportedly attempt. We have to see if Nag Ashwin also does the same. The director has promised it would be a pan-world appealing film that fans will be proud of it.

Prabhas21 will get on sets in April 2021. The makers are planning to bring it to cinemas by the end of the year or in the first half of 2022.