Will-Pooja-Hegde-Survive-Kathi-Mahesh-AttackPooja Hegde has been doing film after film in the Telugu Film Industry and that too with the superstars of the industry. Despite being offered big-ticket movies with high remuneration, she didn’t register even one blockbuster yet. Now, she has come under Mahesh Kathi’s radar.

Mahesh Kathi criticized her acting skills blatantly for her weird expressions in ‘Maharshi’. It’s a known thing that the heroine character in the movie is quite a dummy, but she could have at least played that glamour card with conviction as even glamour work when it is mingled with suitable expressions.

Her acting is said to be a total vacuum in the breakup scene with Mahesh Babu. Those who watched the film already know the truth. There were no expressions on her face even in a few scenes she was there. Kathi Mahesh appealed to our makers not to torture the audiences by paying such heroines crores for absolutely nothing.

Looks like, Mahesh Kathi has got a point. What do you think, guys? By the way, one of the guys who reviewed her acting said that it would be better to rope in a lamppost than Pooja except that she has a waist but a lamppost doesn’t. Filmmakers, are you listening?