Pawan Kalyan cover page India today

Bollywood stars have been featured on the cover of several top magazines in India, but seldom an actor from South India. This is probably for the first time that Pawan Kalyan has been featured in the latest edition of India Today, which will be available on stands from Feb 18.

This special feature on Pawan Kalyan will present to readers several unknown, close-to-heart anecdotes about the actor since his initial days as an actor. While India Today has featured special editions on Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna and Mahesh Babu in the past, this feature on Powerstar is said to draw lot of attention from readers. One shouldn’t be surprised if the publication’s sales shatter through the roof this month as fans of the actor have been waiting for an opportunity to read more about their star.

The reason this feature will be special because Pawan Kalyan is very media shy and doesn’t give interviews like most of his co-stars in the industry. He always like to maintain a low profile. Hence, this feature will be an interesting read.