Pawan Kalyan’s much awaited press meet on his political arrival happened with much fan fare yesterday and thanks to his speech it became the talk of the state. His speech hit the right buttons mostly and created the right first impression but it wasn’t completely unexpected either. Pawan Kalyan had in the past too got such responses for his speeches because whenever he delivered them, he delivered them with a heart. There might be criticisms regarding the content but never have been there any complaints regarding the intent for he always made an impression that he spoke from his heart not something reproduced written on paper.

He covered all the topics and issues related to people which have been hurting him the most or which were seen as threat to him. He went all out on certain leaders and especially the party Congress by calling out each individual name. Since the attack has been so direct retorts too are expected in similar vein. It has to be seen how the actor handles all these single handedly. The first impression on the star and his party has been positive but the real impression will be formed on how he deals with what is about to come.

That is where a nagging question lies in the heart of all the fans and people who have followed him for some time. Pawan Kalyan has never really followed up after a great impression. He raises these big expectations and then completely goes off the radar, which is how it has happened in the past. However such a scenario could prove to be a big mistake on his part this time around as its politics he is fiddling with where such slip ups are not allowed.

Jana Sena is a party and for a party to click the leader has to be amidst the public not shun away from them. Will Pawan Kalyan eschew his past history and be right with the party throughout. It is especially tough as the star isn’t going to be contesting big in the elections coming up in two months time. That will happen in the elections 5 years later and therein lays the biggest test to his character. Can the actor maintain the party for such a long period of time and not abandon it, can he recreate a new history overwriting his past history which suggests completely contradictory thing? What do you think, will Pawan Kalyan turn a new leaf finally? Share us your thoughts.