Will Pawan Kalyan remain in Public memory?
It all started like a blockbuster combination film and ended up as a film with disaster talk right from the movie Premiere. We are talking about Pawan Kalyan’s newly floated Political Party, Jana Sena. Every body was surprised at the timing of the party launch, , after the announcement of the election schedule. Despite the dark scars due to bad memories of Praja Rajyam Party, Pawan Kalyan managed to create decent buzz for his Jana Sena. People thronged in to both the events from long distances. But Pawan Kalyan badly let them down.

He used both the meets more for bashing Congress and less on making his own impact on the people. He disappointed people by not contesting the elections. He neither called for people to vote for a particular party not was able to criticize parties like YSR Congress for Corruption. Public and fans who pinned hopes on him once again are doubting his commitment to stay long and work long. He warned the next government to be vigilant or face music from Jana Sena. But what will a party with Zero MLAs do? What are the communists doing with less power and decent cadre? It is difficult for Pawan Kalyan to be in Public memory. It will be difficult for him to convince public that he is serious if at all he comes back to them once again!