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Will Pawan Kalyan Realize His Mistake At Least Now?

Will Pawan Kalyan Realize His Mistake At Least Now?Media has blown the Kathi Mahesh Episode out of proportions by giving him endless hours of airtime. The So-Called Critic has made some serious allegations on Pawan Kalyan including a new link-up. Pawan Kalyan Camp at first thought people will not care this blabbering and will see through it as a political conspiracy.

But then, they are taken back when he started crawling into Pawan Kalyan’s Personal Life. Obviously, such remarks will gain some traction especially as Pawan Kalyan has the history of multiple marriages. But by the time, Pawan Kalyan’s Think Tank realized that the damage is done.

The biggest letdown for Pawan Kalyan in this saga is no credible voice to rubbish this. Kathi’s comments got traction due to his Bigg Boss Image and Media’s Urge for Sensationalism. Even though some fans have supported Pawan Kalyan, they are untrained and aggressive.

If only Pawan Kalyan let another leader grow in Janasena, the episode would have been easily handled. Obviously, a hero and politician of Pawan Kalyan stature cannot come out and defend himself. With that, Kathi left unabated. It took a not-so-good jibe from a film director to stop him at least for now.

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