Pawan Kalyan has officially postponed his press meet that was expected to happen regarding his political sojourn in the upcoming elections. While many were skeptical about the elections about to come as there is not enough time many were anticipating that it could be just a formal announcement with the actor taking up full time participation keeping the next general elections in mind. All those expectations were dashed as the actor decided to abort this press meet.

This now joins many such incidents in the past that had got few worried when this announcement was first made on Sunday. There were few who knew of this trend from the actor and hence they were not sure of the statement issued regarding the press meet knowing very well the nature of the star which lacks a consistency. The actor has so far in his career never gone to the next level on some of his announcement that brought him into news instantly.

Be it the much hyped Satyagrahi launch before the release of his film Bangaram which never took off to the very recent Atharintiki Daredi thanks giving function where the actor threatened to reveal the names of pirates in some time but never came about it. Then there is the unforgettable moment of ridicule for the fans in the form of Common Man Protection Force which never took off after a bombastic press meet the star held at that time. It’s not the intention of the star but the way he goes about them without any real sense to it is what irks a section of his fans as well as well wishers.

The ultimate question therefore on everyone’s mind now is that will Pawan Kalyan ever go through with what he says. Will his act ever meet the deeds that he so propagates? If politics is all that he cares about why not let it out in open instead of these hide and seek strategy in a general sense?

What we would like to know is this, would you like if Pawan Kalyan completely quits the movies and come to politics or if Pawan Kalyan stays away from politics forever and simply focus on movies without these kinds of intentional leaks (press release last Sunday). Share us your thoughts.