hero-aadi-praises-jr-ntr-nannaku-prematho-movieYoung hero’s next film is ‘Chuttalabbaayi’. The title gives us an outdated feel. How does Aadi justify such an outdated title to his upcoming movie? Aadi says that audiences are liking films which are different. Will such an outdated title make the film look different?

“People are not liking ‘over the top image’ in my case”, says Aadi. “I have done such films for mass hero image in ‘Garam’ and ‘Rough’, but have failed” introspects the young hero. He now wants the subject to be the hero and looking for such stories.

Though this movie ‘Chuttalabbaayi’ can’t be said that it is very different, but it is different for Aadi because he hasn’t done such an entertaining movie earlier. There is also a cute love story in this movie according to the young hero’s recent interview.