Will-Online-Bigg-Boss-2-Trolls-Effect-Nani-PopularityNatural Star Nani has found acceptance in the audience and it that popularity that made him the host of a show as big as the Big Boss. However, ever since that announcement was made, it hasn’t been a smooth ride for the star who enjoys an enormous following among neutral audience.

Nani has been getting severe criticism for his turn as a host in the second season of Big Boss. Initially, there was the comparison with Jr NTR as he was the replacement. Later, people thought he was not commanding enough, and now he is facing allegations of being biased and showing partial behavior.

Recently, there was a heavy trolling on Nani by the Big Boss 2 people favorite Kaushal. A set of fans that go by the name Kaushal Army have trolled the star nationally, and others who are casual viewers of the show agree with their frustration. But, some of the trolls made comments on the star’s career professionally outside the Big Boss world.

Is that a thing to be taken seriously? We have to say; it shouldn’t be? If mere trolling could affect the popularity, a lot of stars would be struggling. Jr NTR has had Jai Lava Kusa released after a successful stint of Big Boss, and yet the numbers didn’t spike up substantially and were in his usual zone. Similarly, Nani’s flop, Krishnarjuna Yuddham came before the show began.

The bottom line is for a star like Nani, the success of the film always depends mainly on the content. A lot of other factors also come into play, and the least of those would be his turn as a host of Big Boss. Good or bad, biased or not, the show will only help his reach as he is starting from scratch, unlike a big league star who has an established fan base.