Allu-ArjunStylish Star Allu Arjun is often referred to as master planner within in the industry. Add dedication, and hard work to that success is always bound to come. However, sometimes despite all the planning some movies just don’t work and that results in trouble for planners. Right now Allu Arjun is in such difficulty, but it isn’t a first.

In the past, Bunny has similar trouble when two of his films Varudu and Vedam failed to make big in the same summer. While the later can be ignored in “experiment” quote, the former was far from it, and the back to back underperformance led to his stardom being questioned. It was at that time Badrinath came into the picture, the biggest budget movie in the career of the star then.

Now, a few years later, Stylish Star is in similar condition post DJ and Naa Peru Surya (NPS). In fact, in the entire decade, except for two films, he has not has a unanimous hit talk movie from day one. He has managed to pull many films to safety but lack of hit talk means the star has always been one step away from disaster, and that came with NPS, the biggest disaster in his career.

The buzz in the industry currently is that Allu Arjun is once again going to come up with a big budget extravaganza for his next. It is a move similar to Badrinath. But, the problem here is that Badrinath was a crazy genre post-Magadheera, and VV Vinayak was big with the masses. A big budget with Vikram Kumar is not the same thing. It is an enormous risk. The success will help the stardom, but a failure will bring considerably more damage than NPS. Let us see what “ace” the “perfect” planner has up his sleeve. An official announcement regarding the upcoming movie is expected to come soon.