Will NTR Fans Own Liger Now?Rowdy Star Vijay Deverakonda is neck deep into Liger promotions and is giving it his all to make sure Liger’s hype reaches the maximum number of people in the country.

During a promotional interview with the press, he was asked about NTR‘s probable nomination for Oscars 2023 for his performance in RRR. Deverakonda replied that he would go mental with excitement if that happened.

He said that someone from our Telugu Industry winning at the Oscars would give a different high. He added that both NTR anna and Charan Anna’s performance was deadly in the film, and he really hopes RRR scores big at the Oscars.

He also added that Tarak anna is a multi-linguist who can speak fluently in 5-6 languages. He himself is a poor student, and he is bad with languages.

People on social media, especially NTR fans, are praising his down-to-earth nature and honesty.

We will have to see if NTR fans will own Liger now after such positive words for Tarak from Deverakonda. It will be interesting to see how many NTR fans will flock to see Liger and what kind of reviews they will spread for Liger on social media.