nithiinNithiin made his silver screen debut with the film Jayam. It was a huge blockbuster and it helped him settle as more and more films were offered to him. He immediately followed it with Dil another sensational blockbuster.

However the common thing between both the films was hero was considered weaker or weak link. While weaker angle worked well with the character in Jayam, still Sada and Gopichand stole the show in the film. After years of failures he made a strong comeback with Ishq and Gunde Jari Gallanthayyinde. Again in both the films heroine Nithya Menen clearly stole the show. The other films where he was more at the center didn’t fare that well.

So the question in everyone’s mind right now is that will A Aa follow a similar trend of success and Nithiin be overshadowed by his heroines. What would Nithiin take a big blockbuster where he is also part of the film or an average success where he is at the center of proceedings? At the current moment we would prefer the former for sure. A big blockbuster would never harm anyone’s career is what we think.