As has been reported earlier new scenes in Pawan Kalyan starrer Atharintiki Daredi have been added and they will be shown across cinemas from today (October 31). The runtime of new scenes account to six minutes and it’s a total of five scenes, say sources. With the addition of these six minutes the total run time of Atharintiki Daredi is now around 174 minutes that is just about six minutes shy of three hours.

So here is the real question that should be asked now. With near three hours, wouldn’t the movie feel a lot lengthier now and can this be beneficial for the film in the coming days when it’s already entering into its last phase of the run. Length has been an issue right from the beginning of the film even when the film was liked so with these additional minutes isn’t the problem only further engraved.

However as the movie run is almost coming to an end soon, the makers seems to have taken a calculated risk. By providing new scenes they are luring in an audience including fans who might have been taking pleasure of home viewing for repeats courtesy the piracy. With these new scenes that aren’t present on the pirated versions may be a portion of those audiences could be pulled to theaters and we guess that is enough for the makers at this point. Do you think Atharintiki Daredi unit has taken the right decision and going ahead with it at the right moment, remember there are Diwali holidays ahead?