Is this the right time for politics?

Pawan Kalyan returning to politics is the biggest news all over today. Although a clearer statement from the actor is expected to emerge in the coming days, it sure has lead to a big debate among the movie as well as political observers. Here are some of the major concerns expressed by the people overall.

What has Pawan Kalyan been doing so far? So much has happened in the past one year, so many agitations, so many issues have happened where he could have voiced his opinions but he was nowhere to be heard. And now all of a sudden the actor jumping on the political bandwagon has a lot of people flummoxed.

People in the state today are at their most annoyed self thanks to all the petty politics all around. They have really lost interest in all of them and even those who were interested are filled with complete cynicism today. Compare this to the time when Chiranjeevi made his political debut the situation was most welcoming one. If Chiranjeevi could not achieve under those circumstances what could Pawan Kalyan achieve now under even tougher situation, is also a common point raised.

There are few other Chiranjeevi inevitable comparisons like his following. Again Chiranjeevi had far bigger acceptance and popularity among common man compared to Pawan Kalyan today and still he couldn’t achieve anything significant. Will Pawan Kalyan floating a new party be ready to comment on his big brother and how will he, who is known for his short temper, take on the negative criticism that he is bound to get.

All these are some of the common thoughts expressed by both the fans of the star and the people interested in politics. Keeping all these in mind, is the situation really right for Pawan Kalyan to make his political re-launch. Will the new political party work for him now? What do you think? Share us your thoughts.