Will Nani Handle Double PressureWith Natural Star Nani speculated to be the new host of Big Boss season 2 in Telugu, we can’t help but think if he will be able to handle the double pressure? There is a double weight to carry on his shoulders.

The name Big Boss itself sounds imposing, and it carries weight. When a star takes up the mantle of the host, despite the friendly nature that he exhibits, the star aura gives that edge, the extra dimension that makes him come across as the “Boss”. This aspect is very vital for the show.

To give an example in a similar space, acclaimed actor Arshad Warsi hosted the Big Boss Opening season in Hindi. It was okay, but it is the stars that took the show to the next level. And that brings us to the second weight that Nani has to carry. Unlike Arshad Warsi, who was free from star comparison, Nani would have to deal with Jr NTR.

So, either ways it will be an awkward position to be in. If accepted, it will be a big challenge undoubtedly. Let’s wait and see what happens, as an official announcement is expected soon.