Nagarjuna AkkineniThere’s no debating the fact that Sr NTR and ANR are two talismanic figures on Telugu cinema. The discussion now is about the centenary birth celebrations of the iconic duo.

NTR’s centenary birth celebrations are to be held on the 28th of this month in Vijayawada in a grand manner. The event will be graced by Chandrababu Naidu, Balakrishna, and Rajinikanth. Grand arrangements are being made for the same.

Notably, the central mint of India had also released a commemorative coin to celebrate the life of NTR.

On the other hand, Akkineni Nagarjuna has announced that he plans to hold his father ANR’s centenary birth celebrations also in a grand manner. This is scheduled to take place next year.

For a while now, there has been a talk in the industry that all is not well between Balayya and Nagarjuna.

Now that Balayya is actively involved in NTR’s centenary celebrations and the same is being held in a grand manner, it has to be seen how Nagarjuna will see this as a competition and hold a gala event for ANR’s centenary celebrations.

NTR has more of an iconic persona with unprecedented success in films and also in politics. And also, he is a man of the masses. ANR was confined only to films. So, there’s disparity here as NTR’s centenary event will get more public attention and reception.

It has to be seen how Nag will take ANR’s centenary celebrations forward.

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