Former Rajya Sabha member, Manchu Mohan Babu, has said that he will speak about JanaSena party later and not now. When media surrounded Mohan Babu in a temple and asked him to leave his remarks on the current political issue, he said that that was not the place to speak about politics. But then, he assured that one day, soon, he will speak and will speak boldly about the politics in the two states. However, Mohan Babu, has said that he will reveal a sensational news to the public, very soon, and by saying that, he has raised the curiosity of the people.

Deeply hurt after learning about the news that sand is being stolen, illegally, from underneath a bridge that he had built during his stint as an MP, Mohan Babu has warned that it might result in the bridge getting collapsed. All this is because of the ill working of the government and the corrupt politicians who gain their votes by distributing money among the people. The country will not move forward unless corruption is controlled and people stop voting by taking money and start vote genuinely, for the right leader.

Mohan Babu’s intentions towards Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena party are pretty unclear. Pawan Kalyan is also walking in the path of eradicating corruption, something of which Mohan Babu is an ardent believer. With the thought colliding with the same frequency, will Mohan Babu show a thumbs up to JanaSena?