Aamir-PK-rare-trailerThese days Bollywood film stars’ affinity to PM Narendra Singh Modi seems to be growing. Like never before, Bollywood stars are seen talking about Modi, taking selfies with him and inviting him to functions and premiere shows. Just imagine, someone from Bollywood daring to invite our previous Prime Minister Mr.Manmohan Singh to any movie event. Seems impossible, isn’t it?

Coming to Mr.Perfectionist Aamir Khan, he hopes big way that Modi watches his film PK. He says, “Though it is well known that the Prime Minister is always busy in work. It would be interesting if Modi watches the film.” Naturally Aamir Khan is very busy promoting his film and inviting Modi is a good strategy.

Recently we have seen Bollywood stars taking selfies with Modi during Swachh Bharat Campaign. Salman Khan personally invited our PM to his sister Arpita Khan’s wedding. Now it is the turn of Aamir Khan to request Modi to watch his PK. Will Modi Watch PK? Will have to wait and see. However this invite shows that how approachable and friendly is the PM of the Nation.