Will MM Keeravani’s judgment be right for EGE?

Music directors in general are known to have sound judgment over how a film is going to fare at the box office as they are involved in the making of the film from the beginning and see how a film is shaping up visually as they have to do the background score for the film. They see the film entirely for what it is and based on it they come to a conclusion of their own on the film. Few music directors in the past had great skill to judge a film at this stage and MM Keeravani happens to be one of them.

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MM Keeravani recently after watching the film Emo Gurram Egaravachu has reportedly stated among his close circles that the film will work at the box office and will be a positive outcome for sure for hero Sumanth. The actor himself revealed this stating the reason for him to be positive on the film. Sumanth last known success was very long ago and he hasn’t done a film in the last couple of years and hence Emo Gurram Egaravachu is seen as his comeback. Will Keeravani’s words come true and the actor score a success, we will know in a day’s time.