Will media take revenge on Yevadu?

Media is the most powerful medium in the success of any film now as lot depends on the publicity, promotion and creating hype. But Dil Raju seem to have entered in to a tussle with them exactly before the release of his Yevadu. Going in to details, Dil Raju arranged a cocktail party at Hotel Daspalla on Saturday to celebrated Vamshi Paidipalli’s Birthday. While the event began at 6.30 PM, Dil Raju did not make up till 8.45 PM.

When media asked him the reason for delay, he said (as though he was joking), “you did not come for Dil Raju.. have drinks!… go and drink”.. and roared with laughter. But media did not like the joke. Journalists who felt insulted left the place without even having the dinner. We will have to see if this incident have any repercussions on Yevadu.sureka-vani