The moment we hear the name of director Maruthi, vulgar, youth centric and strictly avoidable movie by a family comes to mind. All the films he has done so far or the films that he has been attached to lead to that perception on him. However in between there was a slight aberration in the form of Prema Katha Chithram that was a clean horror comedy without anything overtly vulgar about it. Although technically he wasn’t the director many say he was the ghost director behind it and that’s how the film has been marketed too.

Now with such a background when the director embarked on a new film officially with Allu Sirish in the lead, it was also speculated to be an adult comedy like the previous youth centric films of the director. But as the film has now come to an end many in the production say it’s a complete departure from the previous youth centric films the director had made and although it would be an entertainer it wouldn’t be vulgar, they say. Even the production house is promoting the film as a clean entertainer.

While Kotha Janta is yet to release, the director has already launched a new film of his today. This time he is joining hands with actor Venkatesh who is the pinnacle of stardom in Telugu cinema that is attained completely through the family audience. Once again the director is promising a clean family entertainer in typical Venkatesh fashion in Radha.

The real question is can the director switch gears and deliver. Can Maruthi overcome the brand image that he has come to be associated with and deliver a success? If the director manages to succeed can it be concluded that it was the director’s content even in those vulgar movies that worked rather than the cheapness that one associated with them. In short would people think of Maruthi as a talented director and give him a place among the emerging top director’s. Share us your thoughts.