There are some landmarks that fans of every hero follows when the right film and time arrives. For the past few years such landmarks have eluded Akkineni family and fans have been waiting patiently for for their time to reach certain of those achievements. The top one at the moment among the Akkineni fans is the 30 Cr mark.

Akkineni Nagarjuna has been one of the iconic quartet of stars that Telugu cinema had before the current crop of stars. Among them one had quit films leaving the rest three to fight it out. So far only one among them has been able to achieve that mark twice and Nagarjuna had a so close yet so far moment with his biggest film Dhamarukam. With age catching up and waning stardom fans had lost hope on achieving this mark and then came Manam.

Manam has everything going right for it. The cast, crew and subject were all tailer made for the Akkineni family. And finally when the d-day arrived the film lived up to the expectations and has got terrific word of mouth both critically and among the audience. Winch then brings us to the point here. The day 1 opening of the film has been pretty average and not on the level that the talk would suggest. In contrast the overseas reception has been fantastic as the numbers suggest and it looks like the film is going to have a fantastic run overseas.

To reach the destination of 30Cr mark the film has to do really well in Andhra Pradesh. Will the film appeal to the smaller centers and pick up big in the coming days, we will see. Do you think the content of Manam will help achieve the most awaited landmark for Akkineni fans currently? Or do you think it will be another one of those urban centric film that gets fantastic reviews and does well in overseas but fails to connect with common man on the streets of the state?