Mahesh USA Box office recordsAnd so we have arrived at the release of the film 1 Nenokkadine starring Superstar Mahesh Babu. The film has so many challenges thrown at it but the biggest of them all is the 2 million mark in US. In overseas especially US, Mahesh Babu leads every Telugu stars by some distance and hence it is but natural to except such milestones being reached by Mahesh Babu first when compared to others. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages the film has to achieve this feat.

Advantages: First of all Mahesh Babu is coming with a film after a year. The gap definitely helps in increased curiosity on the film. Also with the actor coming off back to back successes there is a tremendous expectation on him to continue that run with this film as well. For the first time critically acclaimed and highly talented director Sukumar is working with Mahesh Babu. Record numbers of premieres are planned for the film in US. All these constitute the big advantage for the film therefore from the fans to trade, everyone is expecting the star to set new benchmarks, especially in US.

Disadvantages: The biggest disadvantage for the film currently is the weather in US. As we have reported earlier the conditions in US are said to be the worse in the past twenty five years. In the past Businessman too had been affected by weather this way and later with the reviews being not so encouraging the film didn’t set US box office ablaze even though it was coming after Dookudu. If the weather conditions don’t improve something similar can be expected this time as well.

Also it is being reported that there are chances for prints arriving late which means the premieres might not happen in all the locations planned. If this too happens this could be another deterrent to the film’s box office numbers in US. Finally, the genre of the film, which not find a similar patronage as other entertainment based comedy or family dramas.

Keeping these advantages and disadvantages in mind, Mahesh Babu surely has a great challenge ahead of him to reach the expected landmark. Can he do it with this film, we will know in a few days’ time. What do you think would the 2 million mark be breached with this film?

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