Will Mahesh Babu Stop This in Public?Whenever superstars come into public, there will be this natural craze among the fans to get a closer look at their matinee idol. Mahesh Babu was in Kukatpally yesterday for a textile shop opening and his fans went frenzy trying to get closer to the hero that resulted in a stampede.

A superstar of Mahesh Babu’s stature must stop coming for shop openings as it is not a very good idea. Every one knows how people try to mob the celebrities to get a closer look at them. But, that may lead to untoward incidents like it happened yesterday when a woman fell down unconscious during the stampede and a policeman was injured.

Not only Mahesh Babu, it’s not good for any star celebrity to come for such shop openings and try to address the crowd. It will be a herculean task for even the police personnel to control the frenzy of the mob. Hope, the big stars of Mahesh Babu’s range understand this as quickly as possible.