Will Mahesh Babu beat Pawan Kalyan again?It’s that time of the year when we start seeing a number of year end list containing ranks and positions of films and stars relative to the year that has gone by. We will witness many such lists but among them the most prominently carried one in the media would be the one listed out by Forbes magazine. The magazine’s lists are like food for the media for a debate and initiator of war among the fans.

Forbes started its listing from last year and in the Telugu film industry they gave the highest rank to Superstar Mahesh Babu. He was followed by Ravi Teja and Pawan Kalyan in the ranking which lead to a furor online. However, what many forget here is that its ranking are based on cumulative earnings from all the movies, brand endorsement etc. Hence because of the advantage of more films Ravi Teja was just ahead of Pawan Kalyan it in terms of earning or visibility throughout the year. Mahesh of course was on a completely different level with Dookudu and all his brand endorsements.

Will it be a repeat of last year, this year as well with Mahesh Babu emerging on top and beating Pawan Kalyan on the way? Mahesh Babu had one release which was a super hit and he has like always, number of brands to his credit which gives him more visibility not just in the state but all over too. On the other hand Pawan Kalyan despite scoring a Industry Hit in the form of Atharintiki Daredi has only that one film to compete with others. He has no other sources for revenue as he doesn’t endorse any brand. What this means is it also reduces his visibility overall. So despite being a strong force locally the star is still lacking on a national level. Will it change this year is to be seen. Who do you think among the two will emerge as topper this year from Telugu films?