Municipal election results released yesterday have clearly indicated that majority of Urban voters are looking at Telugu Desam Party in Seema Andhra region. And the MPTC/ZPTC results released so far indicated a favourable result to TDP despite YSR Congress giving a significant fight. Now the real question is that ‘Are these results indicate the mood of public in General Assembly elections too?’ If we got to believe the exit poll results in which samples are at most 50000 in AP, then these polls are going to be most reliable mood testers with about 2 Crore samples.

And another important observation is that these elections took place before TDP and BJP announced their alliance and before Pawan Kalyan started his campaign for TDP-BJP. These two factors are huge plus points of TDP in this elections and they are expected to have influence in at least 5% voters which is very significant. Remember 1% difference between TDP and Congress made a difference of over 60 seats.

Two negatives after the local body elections are Muslim voters moving away from TDP and disappointment in some areas over candidate selection. Since every party faces candidates selection issues before every election, it also applied to YSR Congress so the factor can be ignored. And coming to Muslim votes, traditionally Muslim voters in the state belong to Congress and analysts say major chunk of these votes belong YSRCP after Congress deteriorated. So, considering all these, there is no reason to not to believe TDP will get better results than local election results on Friday.