Will Krishna Vamsi give a land mark film for Charan?
After a long gap director Krishna Vamsi is getting a chance to direct a big hero and it looks like the director is hell bent on making this chance count. He has worked extremely hard for the subject which in his words would be a film that will be remembered for the next 50-60 years. The problem here is that the director hasn’t made anything close to that memorable in over a decade and this high praise seems to be worrying fans as a result.

The reason for worry for fans if we get into details is because it was the same subject that was rejected by the Akkineni’s in the past. And if a film has the potential to be that memorable why would they be leaving it when it was first offered to them. Now it’s not guaranteed that if it’s rejected by someone it has to be a bad script but at least until proven otherwise people remain suspicious over it and that is what is happening in this case as well. Ram Charan’s film with Krishna Vamsi will be a clean family entertainer without any fights and vulgarity, set up in a village background. The film will take off from tomorrow.