Will Kaalicharan click at the box-office?

The first rushes of Kaalicharan trailer, which was released few months, left me in awe. The visually brilliant trailer even impressed Bollywood filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, who had started tweeting about it. However, the buzz around the film fazed out after it was postponed from releasing.

The film after much delay is finally slated to release Nov 8. Loosely based on the life of late politician Erra Satya, “Kaalicharan” is set against the backdrop of political revenge of the 1980s. Krishna Chaitanya, who played the lead in Sneha Geetham fame.

With such an impressive trailer, the big question being asked is whether the film will work at the box-office releasing months after all the hullabaloo around it. Had the film released soon after the trailer was released, it would have definitely worked at the box-office.

Directed by Sai Praveen, who had earlier directed ‘Gaayam 2’, which was a bad copy of ‘A History of Violence’, this film definitely stands out. Let’s just hope it works at the box-office.