Rajamouli-JR-NTRNTR is confirmed to attend the pre-release event of Bramhastra which is scheduled to be held on the 2nd of September. It is known that SS Rajamouli is presenting the film in Telugu so it’s shouldn’t have been a problem to bring NTR on board for the film’s promotional campaign.

Incidentally, this will be the first public appearance of Jr NTR and Rajamouli together after RRR promotions.

It is no secret that there was some bad blood between a section of Tarak’s fans and Rajamouli as they breathed fire on the latter, saying their hero’s character was underplayed in the film. They’re still fuming on Rajamouli.

Now that Tarak is attending Bramhastra event, there will be a massive turnout for the same. Rajamouli and Tarak will share the stage at the event. This is when things might get tricky.

Now, there’s a development on Twitter that Tarak’s fans might trouble Rajamouli at the event by raising negative slogans and calling him names. They say this might be a sign of protest in context if RRR issue.

That said, the majority of Tarak’s fans are now on cloud nine, given that their hero is on Variety Magazine’s list of probables for the Oscars. So not all of them will hold something against Rajamouli. It would be interesting to see if Rajamouli would actually face a troublesome situation from Tarak’s fans at the big event.