Reddy Garu Poyaaru…before elections..is the title of Ram Gopal Varma’s up-coming film. Though it was announced long back, today RGV has released the first look. It immediately caught the required attention and social media is abuzz with the story RGV could have worked on for this film. Many believe it is the story of consequences in the state after YS Rajasekhar Reddy died in a flight crash. But as always RGV remained tight lipped and kept the suspense for the pre-release momentum.

Ramu had finished the shoot long back yet holding up for the right time to release the film. With the way state is heated up politically and emotionally, looks like RGV has decided to be in news and cash the situation. With the title itself giving abundant opportunity to create controversy and stay in headlines we can say film needs no paid promotions. We have seen his previous film ‘Rakta Charitra’ made a ton of free attention much before it’s release political dissents, we can doubtlessly assume Reddy Garu Poyaaru…before elections will surely be an other controversial flick from the daring film maker. We can only hope that RGV comes up a meaningful movie not just spicy title.