Allari-Naresh-MaharshiAllari Naresh grew up as a sudden star at the beginning of his career and hit the fastest 50 in no time and was going with great speed but the graph went down at once as he has been delivering continuous flops one after other. Now, there comes the ray of hope to his career in the form of Maharshi.

Finally, he agreed to do an important role in a big star’s film Maharshi as a multi-starer and people are expecting to see a new Naresh from this film.

It has been a long gap for the hero and now with the occupancy of too many heroes, market dynamics have changed and Naresh is finding a tough time surviving by relying solely on comedy.

And to go with the words of the director and Naresh himself speaking of his role in the film, the actor is having great scope for performance which might be a new start for the man. We will have to see on May 9th if this gives him a re-birth in Tollywood.