Will 'iSmart Shankar' be Nidhhi Agerwal First SuccessNidhhi Agerwal is one of those actresses who had been lucky enough to get promising offers despite a failed debut. In the two films released so far, she wasn’t as good as she seemed to be in her Instagram pics.

Coming to her third movie ‘iSmart Shankar‘, the latest pics that came out tell us that Puri Jagannadh has taken her boldness and hotness to the next levels. Romancing Ram on the beach sands, Nidhhi Agerwal is looking gorgeous in the pics.

So far, things seem to be promising for the movie with Ram showing off the right attitude and the music seem to be working for it. The initial vibes are good. So, there is big hope.

Hope, Puri gives himself and Nidhhi Agerwal the much needed hit. She already suffered two flops with Akkineni heroes. Hope, this movie wouldn’t disappoint.