Will Fans Bear RRR’s Lengthy Runtime?There is exactly a week to go for the paid premieres of NTR and Ram Charan‘s RRR. There is a buzz that the premiere shows will be aired at 9.30 PM on the 24th night across the country. Also, early noon premieres have been planned in the USA as well.

Now the runtime of the film has caught everyone’s attention. The makers revealed that the film has been locked for three hours and nine minutes which is quite lengthy as per usual standards.

Usually, for the paid premieres are occupied by the hard core fans of the stars who come with massive expectations and it is always a struggle to satisfy them.

Will fans manage to sit for such a long time during such key premiere shows is the question? This excess length is also giving issues to holding five shows a day for the exhibitors. Fans will be in a mood to enjoy and rejoice the film’s success but this aspect can pull them back a bit.

There is also a section that feels fans will not have any problem as there are two big heroes coming out after a long time and as it is a Rajamouli film, the runtime and other formulaic things will be forgotten by the fans and general audience who will just enjoy this magnum opus like a festival.