Allu Arjun Pushpa Theaters Family AudienceAllu Arjun’s Pushpa had its trailer release the other day. Keeping aside, the good and bad of the trailer, it is an out and out mass masala entertainer.

To elaborate further, it has the shades of Tamil films like that of Dhanush’s – Dark and intense. Usually such films are rare in Telugu.

Pushpa is set in the backdrop of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu border where there is a predominant Tamil culture prevailing. That’s the reason for that flavor in Pushpa.

We only get to see such films in Tamil dubbing films and also such audience are limited.

But then, family audience have been the strength of Allu Arjun. He has earned a fanbase in them with soft family and comedy entertainers especially the films directed by Trivikram.

Pushpa looks like a complete opposite to what they expect.

So, it will be a challenge to bring them to the theaters. But if they come, the credit should be Bunny’s. Only the ‘Allu Arjun Factor’ would be the motivating factor for them to come and watch the film in theaters.