Will DSP’s debut combo magic workout again?Devi Sree Prasad is one of the busiest music directors working in the industry today and the reason for this should be a very obvious fact that he has successful albums behind him. However successful albums alone doesn’t make a successful music composer for we would then had many music composers still continuing with good projects. There is something more some additional luck that makes one a top composer that gives them the projects with top composer. And this additional luck is soon turned into a sentiment in true filmy style. Here is one such sentiment related to music director Devi Sree Prasad.

The first time combination of the young music director with a top star has always resulted in super sensational albums. Varsham, Arya, Shankar Dada MBBS and Jalsa should immediately come to our mind. These albums could easily be figured among the top sensational albums among the respective actor’s career. But the interesting fact is, not only have these albums hit the mark, even the films turned out to be the biggest grossers in the careers of the respective heroes at that point of time.

Now coming to our actual point, the music director with such track record is working for the first time with two of the biggest stars currently in Telugu and Tamil. They are of course Mahesh Babu and Ajith. What is missing here is that the music director is also composing for the first time for Ram Charan as well for Yevadu. Now imagine if the music director’s sentiment comes true and these stars deliver the biggest hits of their career, wouldn’t that be absolute sensational? Wouldn’t the fans of Mahesh Babu, Ram Charan and Ajith love this sentiment of the music director to come true again? The trade of the respective industries surely wouldn’t mind this at all.

What do you think of this sentiment and do you think it would work again? Share us your thoughts.