Manchu Vishnu hopes he will go with jet speed after the release of Doosukelta movie as he is not happy with only two hits in his ten years of career. He acted as a child artist in Ragile Gundelu in 1985 but started career as a hero with film ‘Vishnu’. Suryam, Astram,Political Rowdy, Game have also not helped him to prove his mettle. He tasted first success with Dhee movie directed by Srinu Vaitla in 2007.

Unfortunately, his movies such as Saleem, Krishnarjuna, Vastadu Naa Raju failed again at the box office with the lack of proper planning and poor stories and concepts. However, he got a success with Denikaina Ready but lot of controversies from Brahmin associations did not allow Vishnu to enjoy the happiness.

Now he has lots of hopes. Interestingly both Dhee and Denikaina Ready movies began with ‘D’ letter and Doosukelta also starts with same letter. Manchu fans say he will get another hit with the ‘D’ sentiment. Chakri provided music for both the hit movies but Manisarma is selected for Doosukelta. Fans say it is not a big deal and the movie will be a big hit.