Director-Sailesh-Kolanu-Adivi-Sesh-Hit-2HIT was a decent ‘hit’ movie for Vishwak Sen and for producer Nani. It was director Sailesh Kolanu’s claim to fame as HIT did manage to get eyeballs.

However, there were some major complaints from the audience about the film. The film keeps you completely hooked for the first 90 minutes but the climax left a lot to be desired. That orphanage angle in the climax was a complete turn-off. For any thriller to work completely the revelation part should be very convincing and should have a shock value but, in case of HIT first part it’s a bit amateurish.

When Sailesh remade HIT in Hindi, everyone expected that he would rectify his mistakes. But in the Hindi version, he messed it up even more than the Telugu version with the lesbian angle in the climax which looked completely fake and forced making it a hotch-potch plot.

Now, Sailesh is waiting for the release of HIT 2 and people are wondering if, after setting up everything perfectly in the first half, he would ruin things in the second half again.

But the biggest plus point of HIT 2 is its hero Adivi Sesh, who himself is an accomplished writer and director. Filmgoers are hoping that Adivi Sesh must have gone through the entire script, made necessary corrections, and then signed the dotted line.

Now, it remains to be seen if Adivi Sesh’s Midas touch will help Sailesh Kolanu deliver a flawless HIT.

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