dil rajuThe latest buzz in the tinsel town is that the Vishwak Sen starrer is gearing up for a last-minute release date announcement on August 14th. Dil Raju presents the movie and move to arrive on the date seems to be done with his supervision. It makes one wonder if he is retaking a risk after Vakeel Saab earlier in the year.

Remember, Vakeel Saab hit the cinemas on April 9th when the second wave was peaking in Telugu states and all over the country. The run of the movie was effectively curtailed due to the enormous peak. The situation is similar now, with cases rising again, lockdown (night curfew), and restrictions in few areas.

Under these circumstances, is it wise to release Paagal is the doubt among the movie-going public? Remember, Paagal has a decent buzz, and when it arrives, it will be the first ‘big’ thing in cinemas. It is definitely enticing for the makers. It was the same case with Vakeel Saab, and Dil Raju took a risk, then. We all know the result.

The question is, should the risk be taken the second time? We will know that soon as an official announcement regarding the release date is expected to be out any time.

Naressh Kuppili directs Paagal. Bekkem Venugopal produces the crazy love entertainer. Radhan provides the music.