As one of the producers of Mahesh Babu’s ‘Maharshi’, Dil Raju must be excited to see how the film works at the box-office as his stakes on the film are said to be high, and he seems to be oozing out a lot of confidence. If you follow Dil Raju, you can clearly see that he expresses extreme confidence in some films and that reflects at the pre-release functions.

But, his calculations and confidences didn’t work all the times. The recent example happens to be the pre-release event of ‘Srinivasa Kalyanam’. Dil Raju show of extreme confidence proved to be overconfidence as the film bombed big time at the box-office. The producer even vowed that he wouldn’t touch the families, again.

Currently, he expressed the same extreme confidence in Maharshi speaking at the pre-release event of the film. He told Mahesh fans to keep their expectations as high as they want, as the movie will fulfil all those expectations.

He promised that it would be a memorable movie for the superstar’s fans. Hope, his calculation comes true, this time. The theatrical trailer indeed zeroed the impact of the flop audio rendered by DSP. Everything is perfect, as of now, and the rest will be decided when the movie hits the theatres on 9th May.