Will Dhruva Break Even For US BuyersAfter a dull opening for premieres, Dhruva starring Ram Charan has slowly and steadily picked up. It had a decent Friday that showed signs of increasing interest in the film and then the killer punch came on Saturday when the word of mouth came into full effect.

As of now, Dhruva has collected $811k which means the film is all set to cross the million mark in a day or two. It would be finally a huge load off Ram Charan’s chest as the actor has been mocked endlessly for failing to cross the number from a very long time. In fact, he is the last “star” to cross this mark.

Coming to the economics of the film, it has been snapped for around 6 Cr, which means Dhruva has to collect approximately one and a half million to be a break-even venture for the distributors. Going by the current trend it looks possible unless the weather plays a spoilsport. A profitable venture here with a film like Dhruva would surely boost the confidence of local distributors on the upcoming films of Ram Charan. It also will help increase his overall market. Let’s see where the film ends up.

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