This month looks to be Censor troubling month for Telugu movies, After Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu trouble slowly subduing, its the turn of Manchu Vishnu’s Denikaina Ready now. Dhenikaina Ready was screened to the Censor on Friday. The board had recommended 6 cuts and awarded U/A but the regional board chief Dhana Lakshmi said she’d give the certificate only after seeing the film again. When the makers approached her on Monday with the cuts, she went on reviewing the movie with other team and then recommended 20 more cuts. Mohan Babu will go to Review Committee challenging these cuts. If the Censor certificate can not come today, the movie can not release on 24th.

So Mohan Babu is angry with her that he is planning to file a case against her and informed the media that the officer is indulging in blackmail tactics.