Ravi Teja RavanasuraNani’s Dasara is creating havoc at the box office. Not only in Telugu states but also in the US, the film has broken many records for a medium-budget tier-2 hero film on its opening day. The public’s word-of-mouth is also positive, so the film is going to have a strong run for the next 2-3 weeks.

Ravi Teja’s Ravanasura is releasing next week, on April 7th. The film is an action thriller directed by Sudheer Varma. The film’s trailer, which was released recently, got a decent response from the audience. Ravi Teja is on a success spree with Dhamaka and Waltair Veerayya. So the trade is expecting that Ravanasura will continue his winning streak at the box office.

It has been the case many times that when a film is having a dream run at the box office, the subsequent releases will get washed away in that wave. So Dasara’s strong run might prove to be a deterrent for Ravanasura.

Dasara will retain many theaters in its second week as well and will draw a good number of audiences to the theaters. Ravanasura has to be an exceptional film to swim against the Dasara wave. However, Ravi Teja’s pull at the box office should ensure healthy numbers.

The summer season has started on a positive note with Dasara, and let’s hope Ravanasura continues the momentum.