Will Colors Swathi sentiment

Actress Swati popularly known as Colors Swathi has a release Bangaru Kodipetta, coming up after almost a year. Her last film in Telugu was a runaway success among the small films and she is hoping to continue that success with this film as well. Only that could explain the little sentiment that the actress is following for her upcoming release.

The actress says that in the past she has seen films like Danger and Kalavaramaye Madilo on the first day itself out of excitement and we know what the results of both those films have been. The actress doesn’t want a repeat of such fate to her films again and therefore she says she is not going to watch the film immediately and will see later after it’s a success. It’s not a superstition but just a little sentiment, she says. Bangaru Kodipetta releases all over on February 27, let us see if her sentiment works or not.