Will Chiranjeevi Dare It Again?There is a dearth of positive stories in the media during the Corona times. We only have two people feeding some positivity. One is Sonu Sood and the other is Chiranjeevi. The Megastar has been doing much charity works ever since the second wave started.

He has been helping industry and media people in distress. And then, there is the mega initiative of Chiranjeevi Oxygen Banks. There are reports that he is also working on a free ambulance scheme in all the districts of both the Telugu states.

And then, there is this free vaccination drive for Telugu film and television industries under Corona Crisis Charity spearheaded by the star himself. Ever since the second wave, not a single week passed without 2-3 stories about Chiranjeevi’s charity. As a result, there are doubts all over if the Megastar is contemplating a political comeback.

It will be interesting to see if the Megastar will take such a decision after a very bitter experience with Praja Rajyam Party!