Boman Irani Prakash Raj

It’s not easy receive appreciation from Pawan Kalyan because he rarely speaks at public gatherings. But Bollywood actor Boman Irani is one lucky person in this world to have the rare honour of being appreciated by none other than our own Powerstar for his contribution and dedication to AD.

Pawan said that he had seen several North Indian actors work in southern films, but rarely has he ever found people who showed interest to understand a language in which he or she is acting. He added that Boman Irani, who played his grandfather in AD, doesn’t know Telugu, but Pawan was touched by his dedication to understand the language and read his own lines on the sets. Kalyan was touched by the dedication an outsider has shown towards Telugu, and he said that’s something to be appreciated.

He had appreciated Boman for taking special interest in Telugu. Pawan also said that he is a wonderful co-star and is extremely friendly on sets. Kalyan added that people should learn from Boman a lot and see if they can use it in their own lives. Most talented actor Prakash Raj has become typecast and will be replaced by this fresh talent as he suits best for the roles Prakash Raj does? Let’s wait to see who will grab him next.