Nandamuri Balakrishna is one among popular quartet of stars that consist of Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna and Venkatesh. Together this quartet has enthralled us over the years with wide variety of films that are now looked upon as classics by the latest generations. While doing so they also fiercely competed with each other at the box office leaving us with many memorable fights which have in the duo course become legends.

Coming to Balakrishna among the four he has been the most inconsistent if one looks closely at the box office. But he has also a habit of stunning the trade and hitting it out of the park with the right venture. It isn’t a surprise then that the actor was the first among his peers to reach the 20 Cr mark when everyone were working. Post the exit of Chiranjeevi again Balakrishna has been the only actor among this set to cross the 30 Cr mark with Simha as a solo actor.

Post the release of Simha things haven’t been the same for the actor though. He has lost a lot of traction at the box office and many of his films have failed to get even good openings and it looks like finally the age has caught up with him along with the fact that he doesn’t seem interesting to the new generation anymore in terms of the films. It is the same problem that his plaguing his peers as well but looking at the hype slowly building for his upcoming film Legend the trade is expecting him to create history again.

The trade is expecting Legend, made in the same combination as Simha to cross the 40 Cr landmark figure thus making Balakrishna the only actor among his generation to achieve this feat. Trade argues that Simha when it released came with less hype and crossed the 30 Cr mark now that Legend would becoming with great hype if it clicks it could create history they feel. Already the business of the film is expected to touch the forty crore mark which means the film will have to do more than it to be termed a success which in turn means a success guarantees history. Balakrishna was the first to enter 20 Cr, first to enter 30 Cr among his contemporaries, will he be the first to enter 40 Cr as well? Does the combination has that power at the box office and can Balakrishna create such euphoria again? What do you think, share us your thoughts?