Will audiences wait one more year for 'Baahubali'?

No doubt that filmmaker S.S Rajamouli is pushing himself to the edge to give a highly satisfying output with Baahubali, which might very well change the face of Telugu industry. The two making videos have already created lot of buzz around the film, which is only slated to release in 2015. Now, the biggest question is what will the makers do through the course of next year to keep the buzz alive? One year is a long wait for the audiences.

In fact, they have been waiting for the film for nearly two years now because almost one year was spent on its pre-production. Therefore, expectations have gone really high for the film. With a minimum of two films releasing week after week, makers of Baahubali need to do something on a monthly basis to keep the buzz ringing around the film.

There will be another video released in December on the occasion of Rana’s birthday, but what after that? Producers of the film really need to think of something creative to keep the audience engaged through the whole next year.