Will Attarintki Daaredhi be affected by Telangana?

The formation of Telangana has caused lot of problems not just for the residents of Andhra Pradesh, but even for entire cinema industry. While Pawan Kalyan’s latest film is scheduled to released on Aug 9, what is the guarantee the film will not even face the wrath of the Telangana issue.

The biggest issue is since Pawan Kalyan’s brother Chiranjeevi being part of Congress is likely going to stir controversy for the film. Folks from Telangana have already locked their horns with Andhra Pradesh ministers, and have urged them to resign at the earliest.

They have said if the ministers don’t resign by August 12, then no film from Chiranjeevi’s family will be allowed to release in Telangana. If this has to taken seriously then the fate of films such as AD, Yevadu and Bhai lies in the hands of AP ministers