Film industry has always been known to be fickle minded. On one hand, success gets you immense respect and on the other, unmet expectations receives lots of criticisms and lashing out. The director of the film Ramayya Vasthavayya seems to be going through the latter phase currently following the disappointing performance of his latest film. Following this, the director seems to be in a dilemma about his next project with Allu Arjun. It seems that questions are being raised over the likelihood of Allu Arjun still doing this new film with Shankar but Arjun has reportedly said that success and failure are just normal in the industry and he has a huge amount of confidence in the director. But we will have to wait for the official confirmation on this.

As Harish Shankar said and did it in his movies he mainly focused on Pawan Kalyan’s strengths in Gabbar Singh and NTR’s best talents from his past films in Ramayya Vasthavayya, it will be interesting to see what Harish will focus on Allu Arjun as the actor is more popular for his dances and director has nothing to do with that department.