Will Allu Arjun Lend a Chance to the Poor Girl Priya VarrierThe hype that the wink created for Priya Prakash Varrier has unfortunately become a great curse for the girl as her role in the film Lovers Day couldn’t live up to the great expectations.

We know that the lady missed an opportunity to share screen with the stylish star Allu Arjun due to prior commitments. But the chance seemed to have had a possibility to come again when we saw Bunny extending his support by showing up at the pre-release event of her film. This was all before the release.

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But the post release atmosphere is totally different as the film couldn’t gather the required craze for The wink girl. Now under such circumstances, will Allu Arjun give her a hand to help lift her career? Actually, that may not happen in the usual show business. When one is in form, there would be no problem to share the stage, but a downfall, especially for beginners is a nightmare. Let’s see.